Joey's Story


28 Years Old

Adelaide, South Australia

As a male, I’m aware that I don’t and may never have a comprehensive understanding of how menstruation impacts athletes.

My experiences growing up with sisters, participating in competitions alongside female peers, in education and coaching have always shown me the power of actively listening, asking questions to understand, and most importantly creating safe and non-judgemental conversation opportunities. To be welcoming and present during two-way conversations with athletes will always remain the priority, whether this is discussing periods, or anything about being a human being. To be trusted and able to have these interactions is a privilege. 

A coach, teacher, and former athlete, Joey is passionate about learning and creating success for those around him. The environment which he hopes to facilitate for athletes, families, and coaches is safe, and where athletes are ambitious, take risks, challenge themselves, and empower those around them. He is committed to making his roles in the VSA Performance Pathway, and State Team programs meaningful, successful, and sustainable. He is a dedicated and reflective role model, and actively contributes to building inclusive environments, taking pride in being vulnerable. 

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